Klever Excel

ColorButtons[green] - Heavy Duty Blade ColorButtons[orange] - Multiple-position handle
ColorButtons[blue] - Double-wall head ColorButtons[md-blue] - Innovative tape splitter

Safety and Convenience

  • Multiple position handle; two positions, for control and reach
  • Ergonomic handle reduces hand fatigue and stress
  • Recessed blade prevents contact with fingers, reducing costly injuries
  • Recessed blade prevents contact with contents, reducing expensive product damage

Part Numbers

KCJ-4-20B Blue
KCJ-4-20Y Yellow
KCJ-4-20R Red
KCJ-4-20G Orange

KCJ-4-30B Blue Double Wall
KCJ-4-30Y Yellow Double Wall
KCJ-4-30R Red Double Wall
KCJ-4-30G Orange Double Wall

Product/Packaging Specifications

High quality carbon steel

500 per master carton


1 box = 12" x 12" x 14"
2016 cubic inches
33036 cubic cm


1 box = 34 lbs = 15.4 kg

1 box = 36 lbs = 16.3 kg