Klever Kutter

ColorButtons[green] - Dual Carbon Steel Blade ColorButtons[red] - Recessed blade prevents injuries
ColorButtons[yellow] - Available in 5 high visibility colors ColorButtons[blue] - Unique cardboard piercing shape

Safety and Convenience

  • Reduce cut injuries - recessed blade prevents contact with fingers
  • Reduce damaged goods in boxes or packages
  • Dual hook design lasts twice as long as single blade cutters
  • High visibility color makes it easy to find in cluttered work environments
  • Available in five different colors

* Ask us about customization!

Part Numbers

KCJ-1K Black
KCJ-1B Blue
KCJ-1Y Yellow
KCJ-1R Red
KCJ-1G Orange
KCJ-1MD Metal Detectable
KCJ-1R-SS Stainless Steel Blade

Product/Packaging Specifications

High quality carbon steel (Stainless steel upon request)

1 box for 1,000 Kutters

1 box = 12" x 12" x 12"
1728 cubic inches
28316 cubic cm

1 box = 36 lbs = 16.3 kg