Food Service Products

ColorButtons[green] - Unique cardboard piercing shape ColorButtons[red] - Dual Stainless Steel Blade
ColorButtons[yellow] - Recessed blade prevents injuries ColorButtons[blue] - Available in blue
ColorButtons[yellow] - Available in 5 high visibility colors

Safety and Convenience

  • Approved for Non Splash Zone
  • Reduce cut injuries - recessed blade prevents contact with fingers
  • Reduce damaged goods in boxes or packages
  • Dual hook design lasts twice as long as single blade cutters
  • Made from metal detectable plastic
  • We recommend testing our metal detectable safety cutter in your magnetometer to ensure it meets your safety and measurement requirements

Part Numbers

KCJ-1MD Metal Detectable

Product/Packaging Specifications

High quality Stainless Steel

10 pack = .42 lbs = .2 kg